Vargas Toro Featured in Foreign Affairs Graduate School Forum

Intersections’ Director of Advocacy and Public Policy, C. Eduardo Vargas Toro, was recently featured in the Foreign Affairs Graduate School Forum where he represented his alma mater Seton Hall University.

The 2013 recipient of the Outstanding Alumni Service Award for his leadership in international diplomacy, accentuated the prominent contributions he and his fellow alumni have done in global affairs and peacemaking. The September/October issue which focused on “Crafting Your Career in International Affairs” gave Vargas an opportunity to highlight how the academic learnings at Seton Hall have contributed to the successful management of his portfolio at Intersections.

According to Vargas, “Whether it was in Syria with our refugee work, in Pakistan with our UPIC dialogue, or in Washington advocating against Islamophobia, the principles of diplomacy, justice, and service to others—all taught at Seton Hall—have been instrumental in advancing our work and the name of Intersections International.”