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Service Together

My favorite movie is Good Will Hunting. I saw it for the first time shortly after the movie was released in January of 1998. I was 16 years old and found myself enjoying everything about the movie; pretty soon I was able to quote whole scenes much to the delight (and shortly annoyance) of my friends and family. One scene that stands out is the famous park scene between the late, great Robin Williams and Matt Damon. Robin, playing the embattled psychologist Sean, sits with Matt’s Will Hunting in a Boston park and tries to school him on some grown man shit; detailing his experiences with art, love, and war-time combat. I loved the language and imagery used when Sean described the idiosyncrasies and special nature of a marriage but, looking back, I really did not get it until recently. I have ten years of marriage underneath my belt and my perspective is different. Marriage is difficult but can be incredibly rewarding. I think that military marriages can be particularly difficult due to the unique nature of being a service member and, thus, I feel the rewards and strength of bonding are even greater when the couple has military experience as opposed to a strictly civilian couple. There are a couple of relationship cues for which military couples absolutely hold an advantage. Read more.