2019 Annual Report—Women & Girls Around the World Infographic Sources

Boxes listed clockwise from left


Box 1: 516 million women worldwide are unable to read

International Women’s Day: Equality for Women is Progress for All, UNESCO


Box 2: In countries in engaged in conflict, girls are 2.5x more likely to be out of school

Education Data Highlights, Global Partnership for Education


Box 3: 41,000 child marriages happen daily. Ending this practice would result in billons of dollars of economic benefit worldwide

Girls’ Education, World Bank

Economic impacts of child marriage: global synthesis report, World Bank & International Center for Research on Women


Box 4: Women and girls make up about 50% of refugee populations…yet women outnumber men among internally displaced persons. Internally displaced women are at increased risk of sexual violence and exploitation

Women refugees and migrants, UN Women

Cash and livelihoods: facts and figures, Women’s Refugee Commission


Box 5: Women and girls make up about 60% of the world’s chronically hungry population

Know your world: facts about hunger and poverty, The Hunger Project


Box 6: 15 million primary-school aged age girls will never attend school; 50% of this population is in Sub-Saharan Africa

Girls’ Education, World Bank