Founding Director, The Rev. Bob Chase Retires

Intersections International announces the retirement of its Founding Director, The Reverend Robert Chase. A decade ago, the Collegiate Churches entrusted Reverend Chase with the responsibility of sculpting their vision, that of an organization working on the front lines of national and global conflict to bring greater understanding, love, and healing to our world. After a decade of service, we pay tribute to his success in that mission.

The role of Founding Director is not an easy one; it requires creativity, vision, passion, and fearlessness in the face of uncertainty. In his tenure at Intersections, Bob displayed unparalleled leadership in crafting an organization dedicated to multifaith and multicultural approaches to dialogue, education, and the arts.

Whether sitting across the table from an Iraqi war vet, a transgender teen, or the foreign minister of Kazakhstan, Bob’s goal was to ensure that every voice was heard. This approach of active listening and finding common ground became a theme that underscored every interaction, program and initiative that Intersections created. Today, Intersections’ programming is a testament to Bob’s commitment to the creative process, and his courage to embrace nuances in the gray area, out of which comes meaningful change.

Although his absence will be felt, Bob’s influence will endure as Intersections continues to grow and touch the lives of countless individuals and communities. We move forward knowing that Reverend Chase provided Intersections with an unshakeable foundation in his commitment to diversity and equity and his refusal to back down from the most challenging work. On behalf of The Collegiate Church, the Governing Board, staff, and the broader Intersections community, we thank Reverend Robert Chase for all he’s accomplished and congratulate him on his retirement!