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Uniting art and community to transform conflicts through original theatrical works, collective creativity, and leadership development for underserved populations. 

Intersection’s Arts & Humanities program employs a unique approach to social justice initiatives. Using a combination of education and artistic expression to frame social issues and establish common ground, we engage and empower those whom we are honored and committed to serve, helping people discover their personal role in creating justice in the world. More


Fred Johnson interviews Queens rapper and poet Ha Style, featured artist performing at Soundtrack of War on June 4 at the Queens Museum!

Tue, 2 Oct 2018
blogSun On The Village: A Poem for Puerto Rico

  Wind, water, and earth Lifetimes buried in dirt Everything’s raining at once But the Sun was shining first   Sometimes it just peeks Sometimes it just sleeps What is it doing when we feel abandoned Like a promise it couldn’t keep   The village weeps     Sea breeze and... more...

Fri, 14 Sep 2018
blogMurray Sams, Jr Recalls Birmingham Church Bombing

Mr. Murray Sams, Jr. is an Army Veteran with six years of service. He joined in 1964 and was stationed in Munich, Germany where he was with the Fifth Battalion, 32nd Armory as a gunner and tank commander. But before his heroic service, the 74 year old was working as an orderly at Hillman Hospital in Alabama on a Sunday morning 55 years... more...

Tue, 17 Jul 2018
blogMy Feets

  My, my, my...   While confined in the sky I came across your letter, You wrote it from a jail They locked you up cause you were fed up,   But your wings had been clipped from the day you were born So to you, that loss of flight was familiar. In fact it was norm. Yet you had the awareness to weather that... more...

Mon, 26 Jun 2017
blogAn Artist on Top of the World – Remembering...

One night during Memorial Day weekend of 2014, my friend Bobby and I stood on the roof of a skyscraper residential building on 72nd street. As our friends and family partied around us and fireworks went off in the distance, we looked down upon New York City. I said to him, “Everything that we want is within reach, bro.” He... more...