58th Commission for Social Development

Our organization’s engagement with the United Nations serves to enhance and bolster our deep commitment to global peacemaking, social justice and advocacy for the world’s most vulnerable populations. For the 58th Commission for Social Development at the United Nations, Intersections International staffer, Jude Wetherell, submitted a statement on social protection, affordable housing and homelessness for marginalized communities in the Caribbean that was accepted and published on the UN website as a resource for this year’s high-level meetings.

Our statement addresses the fact that discrimination and the marginalization of sexual and gender minorities in the Caribbean is exacerbated by natural disasters, often leaving them without adequate support and resources. This statement brings attention to the dire need to continue supporting disaster relief in Puerto Rico and showcases our work with our partner Waves Ahead in their devotion to supporting the LGBT community by providing services, housing and programs.  

You can read the full written statement here:

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