Global Peacemaking

Uniting divided nations and peoples through multi-cultural, interreligious action that builds relationships and dismantles extremist narratives. 

The Global Peacemaking program works to heal the rifts that separate humanity across race, ethnicity, religion and international borders. Convening diverse groups at the intersection of faith and reconciliation, we are breaking barriers, shattering stereotypes and cultivating cooperation where traditional diplomacy has been frozen. More

Tue, 8 Aug 2017
blogThe UN’s Worst Kept Secret

Women and children’s vulnerability increases dramatically in a conflict environment. This might be due to the breadwinner (most commonly the husband or father) deceased during the conflict or joined the battle itself. However, this vulnerability is frequently associated with women and children’s subjection to sexual and... more...

Tue, 25 Jul 2017
blogHumans First: Germany’s Refugee Intake is a...

An article by Human Rights Watch reported that Germany has been receiving a staggering 890,000 asylum seekers and migrants in 2015 alone, drawing attention from critics, scholars and media persons alike. Some argue that this is an attempt in part for Germany to cleanse or make up for its dark past by performing humanitarian acts.... more...

Mon, 17 Jul 2017
blogAnti-Muslim Assaults Reflect Ongoing Fear Since...

In 2015, Anti-Muslim assaults reached 9/11-era levels, increasing by 67 percent. Although this reflects the overall surge of  6% in hate crimes across the US, 257 attacks were directed toward Muslims alone. Jews were most targeted based on their religion, and blacks were the biggest target of racial violence. Should the... more...

Mon, 26 Jun 2017
blogThe Power of One; The Power of Many

Moments have a way of touching our hearts and leaving memories that turn into images. These images resurface in the most unexpected moments and take us back to the memories of the days gone by. We look at them and feel them as we do when standing in front of a beautiful painting; their features alive and filled with color. To say that... more...